Love Nest

Ocean View

Love on high...

climb a mountain trail through the jungle to your cozy nest on high then in a room bathed in sensual colors try out your nest-bed, maybe sip champagne while you lie in comfort, ever so cozy and romantic...

Slip into the natural stone hot tub set into a rock niche beneath a waterfall...are you a Mayan goddess or did you just slip into a dream?

A perch for love birds and lovers, a Nest you'll love, live unforgettable moments in a life that's too short...go for it!

Room features


Canopy queen bed


Sleeps 2


Panoramic beach and ocean


One full bathroom; double shower

Special Features:

natural stone Jacuzzi and waterfall

Other Features:

Tremendous ocean view, terrace with hammock, complete privacy, lounge chairs

Some like it hot!

Love on the hillside with ocean breezes and plenty of fans will do it for some, but if you can’t take the heat, try this room from November to May when you can heat it up without sending the temperature soaring to the danger level.

Special Features

  • Ocean View Jacuzzi

    enjoy complete privacy in an exotic outdoor stone spa built for romantic intimacy

  • Golf Cart Rental Only $35 Per Day

    Sayulita is a 10 minute golf cart ride away. Whether your interest is shopping, dining or clubbing, you can easily drive your golf car almost anywhere in the Sayulita area. A Golf Car is available for $35/day.


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